Operating and visiting regulations
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This visiting policy applies to all visitors who purchase a ride on an animal, guests of the Green Valley resort, Stárkov, staying at the resort and their visitors, private and business visits of resort employees (all such persons hereinafter referred to as "visitors").

By purchasing a ticket for a ride, ordering a stay, paying for accommodation, entering the guest book at the reception or otherwise entering the area (guest of the resort, visiting an employee), the visitor agrees to the visitor rules and undertakes that he is fully familiar with the wording of the visitor rules and will comply with them .

A) General obligations

Before entering/when entering the area, all persons are required to familiarize themselves with these regulations, to follow the instructions of the staff of the resort area, to move only in marked areas/areas freely accessible and not to enter places/areas marked with a prohibition of entry (with the exception of resort employees). ; comply with all regulations related to the place of visit (warning, prohibition and information signs, etc.), for example, places with a special regime - swimming pool and children's playground, fenced animal enclosure, pasture, animal stables, etc.

The area is accessible every day by appointment with the responsible worker.

Children under the age of 15 are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a person over the age of 18 who will provide responsible supervision. On horseback or pony rides, a person over the age of 18 must accompany a child under the age of 15. The safety and behavior of persons under the age of 18 is the responsibility of their adult supervision (parents, chaperones, pedagogical supervision for groups).

It is forbidden to enter outside the designated areas. Access to horse paddocks, stables and other closed spaces is permitted only with a permit and accompanied by a designated authorized person.

The visitor must not destroy the property of the resort or the property of other persons; dispose of waste outside the designated containers (including separated waste); move around the premises in a drunken state or under the influence of narcotic substances. He is obliged to notify resort employees of violations of the visitor regulations or situations threatening the safety of visitors or animals.

The visitor is obliged to treat other visitors as well as animals with respect, not to disturb them with noise or other inappropriate behavior, not to bring inflatable balloons and other objects dangerous for animals into the premises. He is obliged to refrain from using radio tape recorders and other multimedia devices intended for loud production, musical instruments, horns and similar objects, carrying and using fireworks, drones and other similar devices.

Everyone is obliged to secure their belongings so that they are not stolen, including things left in parked vehicles. The company operating the resort is not responsible for lost, stolen or damaged things caused by the visitor's own negligence/fault during the visit.

Dogs and other domestic animals must be kept exclusively on a leash so that they do not disturb or endanger the visitors/guests of the resort or domesticated animals, limit the movement of animals according to the instructions of the resort employees and the resort's regulations (see above - sign) and have their valid vaccination certificate with you card. An employee of the resort has the right not to allow a visitor with an animal to enter the premises, if it is an individual or a species of animal (e.g. domesticated wild animal, farm animal, poorly controlled individual) which is presumed to threaten the safety of visitors and animals kept in the resort.

The visitor may not touch the reared animals, feed them without the consent of a resort employee (does not apply to places marked with an information sign, where it is possible to feed the animals with feed purchased at the reception/supplied by the resort) and not throw any objects into their enclosures.

The visitor is obliged to observe the ban on smoking in the entire resort, outside the designated smoking areas.

The resort's parking lot is unguarded and uninsured; the company operating the resort is not responsible for damage to the vehicle; potential traffic accidents are dealt with by visitors in accordance with Act No. 361/2000 Coll.

B) Housing, training, recreation

Caring for horses and other animals
- horses can only be approached with the permission of the owner or persons authorized by him, or accompanied by them; entry into the stable boxes and paddock is prohibited without these persons, there is a risk of injury
- in stables and areas of grazing breeding, when handling horses, it is necessary to behave calmly, not to run, shout or otherwise frighten the horses; it is forbidden to feed the horses without the consent of the attendants
- before approaching the horse, it is necessary to address the horse loudly enough and approach it usually from its left side
- never approach a horse from behind in an open field, and in cases where there is no other option, we strongly address the horse
- when training and caring for horses, it is necessary to keep a safe distance, either stand in close proximity to the horse, or at such a distance as not to be hit by a hoof or bitten
- participants riding horses or sleighs/carriages must be appropriately dressed and equipped with protective equipment; each rider must wear a riding helmet, riding boots or chaps complete with corner-soled ankle boots; flexible riding pants and sports shirts, or a long-sleeved sweater, leather gloves are also recommended; it is forbidden to carry objects that could easily catch on the horse's equipment

Horse and carriage riding
- before starting a ride on a horse, or in a sleigh/sleigh or in a carriage, the participant is obliged to check the saddle material and other equipment of the horse; if he discovers a defect, he is obliged to report it immediately
- it is advisable that the participants of the rides, nurses and other persons participating in the operation of the area should be vaccinated against tetanus and it is recommended that they also have accident insurance; for children and adolescents under 18 years of age, at least one of the parents must give written consent to ride and any movement around horses
- there may be a sudden change in the weather, higher attendance at the resort, sudden nausea of the visitor or persons close to him may occur. Accommodation in the resort, or the purchase of a ride on an animal / sleigh and animal-drawn carriage, is of his free will and he agrees to the terms of these Visitor Regulations, and he is fully responsible for his decision to visit the resort and use its recreational opportunities and services. The above reasons are not a reason to refund the payment for travel, accommodation. The visitor is not entitled to a refund of the fare, payment for accommodation, if he was expelled from the resort due to a violation of the visitor regulations.
- riding, pony riding, training or sledding are at the participant's own risk; the participant must sign a statement about this before the start (for children, his legal representative signs the statement)
- riding a horse or in a sleigh is prohibited under the influence of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances, and it is prohibited to eat, chew, drink, smoke or talk on the phone during these activities. Cell phones are recommended to be switched off.

C) Safety instructions
- every person staying in the premises is obliged to comply with safety measures, fire prevention, health, hygiene, veterinary and other regulations and instructions of the owner of the premises or persons authorized by him
- all users are obliged to observe order and cleanliness in the premises of the complex; everyone is obliged to clean used things and tools in designated places, and if they cause dirt, remove it immediately
- in the entire space of the area, all participants are obliged to respect the instructions and regulations of these visitor regulations or the owner/operator of the area or persons authorized by him
- everyone is obliged in case of injury to a person, horse or animal to provide first aid and, if necessary, call a doctor or veterinarian
- the use of alcohol, drugs or other psychotropic substances is strictly prohibited when caring for horses, cleaning stables, handling any tools or equipment
- during veterinary interventions and treatment of horses by a farrier, only persons qualified and trained in these activities may be present.

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These operating and visitor regulations are posted on the resort's website http://www.greenvalleypark.com and at the resort's reception desk, for inspection and rental at the resort's restaurant.

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